Our Novelties at IFA 2013

Well recognizable so far by its corporate design, iconBIT booth was dressed in traditional red’n’white color scheme and this time represented the conception of Digital Lifestyle (Life in Digital World).

What is Digital Lifestyle according to iconBIT company?

The answer is very simple – all those electronic and mobile devices, which allow getting, playing and  transferring information of any kind – music, messages, voice, TV, photo, video via wireless networks and having access to Internet at any place and any time in daily life. What specialties were presented at IFA 2013?

Android-based miniPC series:

Made in miniature USB stick-sized body it features HDMI 1.4 plug to connect to any TV or monitor to get full-featured Android PC on TV display with resolution up to 4K (ULTRA HD). Access to Internet via browser, social networks, steaming video and TV programs, IPTV, access to huge amount of apps and games in Google Play.

iconBIT TOUCAN STICK G3 mk2 – for communications and Internet, dual-core, 1 GB RAM/4 GB Flash, built-in camera and microphone for Skype talks, 3xUSB 2.0 and 1xmicro-USB 2.0 with docking station, Wi-Fi, operated by standard gyro-controller or external USB mouse and/or keyboard. Available for shipments. RRP - $129.

iconBIT TOUCAN STICK G4 – for games and apps, quad-core,  2 GB RAM/8 GB Flash, 1xUSB 2.0, 1xmicro-USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Gyro-controller enclosed. Available for shipments. RRP- $149.

iconBIT TOUCAN STICK 4K – newly announced powerful gaming miniPC, allowing video playback with advanced  ultrasharp resolution 4K. Android 4.2, quad-core Allwinner A31, eight-core GPU PowerVR SGX544MP2, 2GB RAM/8GB Flash, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi. Gyro-controller. Sales start – October-November 2013. Estimated RRP - $149.

iconBIT TOUCAN SMART 3D QUAD – one more unique novelty, combining long-term experience of iconBIT – media center with powerful quad-core configuration and Android 4.2. Real miniPC with 4K support and option of replaceable 2.5” HDD installation of Seagate Go-Flex standard. Eight graphics cores (PowerVR SGX544MP2), 2GB RAM/8GB Flash, HDMI 1.4, 3xUSB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100, Wi-Fi, remote control with “mouse” function enclosed. Sales start – September 2013. Estimated RRP - $159.

Car camcorders range:

iconBIT DVR FHD M1 – Rear-view mirror with built-in 2.7" LCD display and high definition (1080p, 30 fps) car camcorder. The mirror with built-in car camcorder represents the perfect place for recording and does not disturb the driver. Continuous video recording in MOV (H.264) format to microSD card. Records can be watched immediately after recording on built-in display. DVR FHD M1 is installed on standard mirror and is unnoticeable from the street. Available for shipments. RRP – $ 109.

iconBIT DVR QX1 –  allows high definition video recording 1080p (H.264). microSD, SDHC cards support up to 32 GB, HDMI and composite audio outs. Due to wide angle lens 120°, sharp video can be made even in limited space. Loop recording can be stopped what allows using camcorder as standard video camera. Available for shipments.  RRP –$105.

iconBIT DVR Q2 – Dual-channel car camcorder with external wire hidden cameras. Records can be watched on built-in 3.5” LCD display. Long (6m) second camera cable. Automatic turning on when engine started. Loop recording, video and photo modes (2048x1536), slot microSD for memory cards up to 32 GB. Available for shipments. RRP – $ 119.

iconBIT DVR QX3 –  high definition car camcorder, 1080p (30 fps). Support of microSD up to 32 GB. HDMI and composite video outs. Wide angle lens 120°. Usage as standard video camera. Available for shipments. RRP – $105.

Android-based new smartphones with top configuration:

iconBIT NetTAB MERCURY XL – classical Android 4.2 smartphone with 4.5” IPS display 1280x720 and quad-core CPU MTK 6589. Ultrathin (8.6 mm) and light (124 g) model hosts two SIM cards. 1 GB RAM/4 GB Flash, slot for microSD up to 32 GB.  Front camera 2 Mpix and enhanced back camera – 8 Mpix with autofocus and flash.  Available for shipments. RRP – $289.

iconBIT NetTAB MERCURY QUAD FHD – impressive productivity of any applications and games at ultrahigh speed. Quad-core MTK6589T 1.6 GHz CPU, bright and sharp OGS Full HD IPS display 5” 1920x1080. Dual SIM, 2 cameras (13/2 MPix with autofocus and flash). Android 4.2 2D/3D video core, 3G/GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi, BT, G-sensor, 1GB RAM/16GB Flash, slot microSD up to 32GB. Sales start – September 2013. Estimated RRP - $ 359.

iconBIT NetTAB MERCURY Q7 – flagship model of smartphone with impressive and Full HD 1920x1080 6.5" display and quad-core CPU 1.2 GHz. Dual SIM, 2 cameras – 2 Mpix and high-quality 13 Mpix with autofocus and flash. Android 4.2, 2D/3D video core, GPS, 1 GB RAM/16 GB Flash, microSD slot up to 32 GB. Sales start – September 2013. Estimated RRP - $ 389.

Android-based tablet PCs with best displays:

Popular tablet PC series in white and black 8.5 mm thin bodies and 7.85” 1024x600 IPS display was demonstrated to public. It was quad-core (CPU and graphics) gamers’ iconBIT NetTAB SKAT RX with 1 GB RAM/8(16) GB Flash, Bluetooth on Android 4.2. Available for shipments. RRP - $219 (229). As well as iconBIT NetTAB Skat 3G - for communication and Internet access, dual core, with navigator, 3G module, Bluetooth and voice calls function, 1 GB RAM/8GB Flash. Available for shipments. RRP - $ 249.

iconBIT NetTAB SKAT 3G QUAD on Android 4.2, equipped with navigation module and  3G with voice talk, 4 Mpix camera, 1GB RAM/8GB Flash, Bluetooth. Sales start – September 2013. Estimated RRP - $ 349.

Among budget models of tablet PCs new iconBIT NetTAB MATRIX DX was presented – in thin 8 mm body, with 7” 1280x800 IPS display, quad-core CPU, 1 GB RAM/16 GB Flash, Android 4.1. Sales start – September 2013. Estimated RRP - $ 159.

Series of tablet PCs with big screen size was presented in three models.

iconBIT NetTAB SPACE QUAD RX – 9,7'' IPS high resolution  2048x1536 display, quad-core CPU 1.8 GHz, quad-core graphics Mali-400 MP4, 2GB RAM/16GB Flash, Android 4.1, Bluetooth, high capacity battery 10000 mAh, leather cover enclosed. Available for shipments. RRP - $285.

iconBIT NetTAB THOR QUAD FHD – 10.1'' IPS display Full HD 1920x1200, quad core CPU 1.8GHz and quad-core graphics  Mali-400 MP4, 2GB RAM/16GB Flash, Android 4.1, Bluetooth, 5 Mpix camera, battery 7200 mAh, leather cover enclosed. Available for shipments. RRP - $349.

iconBIT NetTAB THOR ZX – demonstrated for the first time quad-core 1.8 GHz tablet PC with 9”  IPS Full HD display 1920x1280 and quad-core graphics Mali-400 MP4, 2 GB RAM/16 GB Flash, Android 4.2. Sales start – September 2013. Estimated RRP - $ 259.

Portable power banks:

The updates have touched as well a model range of universal portable power banks for charging mobile devices, which includes now all the battery capacities from 2600 mAh to 26000 mAh. Particularly, new stylish pocket power bank iconBIT FTB2800LED was presented: 2800 mAh with the best specifications and performance for such capacity. It supports charging of most popular devices, has the function of automatic turning off for energy saving and built-in LED light. Sales start – October 2013. Estimated RRP - $ 25.

Portable speakers:

Interesting devices were shown in the range of portable speakers -  iconBIT PSS990BT  with unique functions and  low price. Represents standalone portable Bluetooth MP3 player with wireless music playback from mobile phones, tablet PCs, can use NFC protocol for connection. Has built-in FM radio and microSD slot for playback from memory cards directly. Besides, the device has very good and loud sound due to built-in subwoofer. Can be used as hands free device.  Due to built-in Li-Ion battery, it allows charging smartphones and tablet PCs. Available for shipments. RRP –$ 49.

iconBIT actively  promotes sales at the European market, and IFA Exhibition is one of the possibilities for products promotion with the partners. Especially for this exhibition iconBIT with a number of German companies launched promo offering of budget tablet PC NetTAB SKY NET at retail price €59, and NetTAB THOR QUAD MX – at €159.