New Series of Portable Power Banks: FTB10400LZ, FTB7800LZ, FTB5200LZ, FTB2600LZ

iconBIT power banks allow stand-alone operation of almost all types of electronic devices. Socket in your pocket! Having such battery, you will not need any socket to charge smartphone, tablet PC, gaming console, digital camera etc. All the models can be easily carried in one hand with smartphone, what makes them really handy for "on foot" charging.  All the models are equipped with bright LED light.

What model to choose? The answer to this question depends on the task. One of the most important criteria is capacity. So, one can choose light and small power bank with small capacity for charging smartphone and making some important calls. If you would like to increase tablet PC stand-alone work (on business trip, at presentation, on vacations), better to take bigger capacity.

LZ series power banks are available at retail chains.

Technical Specifications: