Multi-platform Adapter – TOUCAN OMNICAST

iconBIT starts sales of multi-platform adapter Toucan OMNICAST, designed for wireless connection of smartphones, tablets and PC to TV.

Toucan OMNICAST – is ultra compact device, expanding the opportunities of laptops on Windows and Mac OS X, smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android. 

Toucan OMNICAST broadcasts the image from your devices to TV screen, monitor or projector via Wi-Fi. Аny monitor, TV or projector, equipped with HDMI input are suitable for real-time broadcasting.


    •       Compatible with PC on Mac OS X and Windows

    •       Compatible with smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android

    •       Broadcasts the image from your device to big screen

    •       Wireless playback of films, music and presentations

    •       Built-in Wi-Fi

    •       Simple and easy over-the-air update of firmware

    •       Automatic turning ON/OFF simultaneously with TV