Video Report on Dniester Canoe Rafting by Accent Command Powered by iconBIT

In August Accent Electronic, official distributor of iconBIT products in Moldova, and most active dealers made two-day and 45-km rafting trip.Passing by local wonderful landscapes and enjoying the beauty, the command was always on call due to our LZ series power banks.
“iconBIT helped us to stay in touch! Power banks by iconBIT charged phones and other devices. In the evening, when we didn't manage to set up camp before dark, bonus function 'LED-light' helped us much. Lights are bright and handy! (Accent Electronic)
iconBIT power banks allow using practically all types of devices in stand-alone mode. Having such power bank, you will not need a socket.LZ power banks are provided with LED-light to use any time day and night.
High quality power bank  — best company for travelers!