iconBIT Travels with "1/4MILE Eurotrip"

In the framework of the program "1/4MILE – season No.5" started the release of the new project «1/4MILE Eurotrip»: everything about car trips, roads, public transport, sport tracks and historical sites. 
«1/4MILE Eurotrip» - "travel notes" to tell you about the European sightseeings and help to get your direction. In every episode you will be presented two novelties, including ones by iconBIT, irreplaceable on the road.
All the episodes available on TV and online. Join us on Facebook to watch new episodes!
First episode (in Russian)
Second episode (in Russian)
As well exclusive only on National4 (Moldova) new TV project «EUROTRIP, EUROPA CENTRALĂ» (5500 km Europe by your own eyes).
More about Moldavian project on National4.

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