Toucan OMNICAST is compact device, expanding capabilities of laptops on OS Windows and Mac OS X, smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android. Toucan OMNICAST broadcasts media from your devices to TV screen, monitor or projector via Wi-Fi. Any monitor, TV or projector with HDMI interface are suitable for real-time broadcasting.

  • Compatible with PC on Mac OS X and Windows
  • Compatible with smartphone and tablet PC on iOS, Windows and Android
  • Broadcasts media from your device to big screen
  • Wireless films, music and presentations broadcasting
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Simple and easy over-the-air firmware updating
  • Automatic turning on/off simultaneously with TV

OMNICAST is able to cast pictures from your smartphone, tablet PC or windows PC to HDTV or projector. It is time for better experience and sharing photos and pictures with friends and family.

OMNICAST is able to cast Adobe PDF, Word DOC, PowerPoint, Excel, Pages, Numbers and Keynotes files from your laptop or smart device to projector or TV.

EZCast Firmware Upgrade Note (28/08/15):

Some Omnicast users are reporting an issue following the latest Firmware upgrade of the EZCast software where their Omnicast stick is no longer accessible via the EZCast software. This is not the case, your mobile/tablet/PC is still connected to the Wi-Fi network you used to perform the upgrade. Once the Firmware upgrade has finished you need to reconnect to the Omnicast device through your mobile/tablet/PC Wi-Fi settings.

Following the successful Firmware upgrade please perform the following steps…

1) close the EZCast App on your mobile/tablet/PC

2) reconnect your mobile/tablet/PC to your Omnicast (EZCastmsy-XXXXXXXX) device through your Wi-Fi settings

3) re-open the EZCast App and enjoy your Omnicast product


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