The original scooter with 8″ tires and adjustable handlebar is an intuitive, technologically advanced solution that provides the user personal transportation based on dynamic balancing principles calculating the user’s center of gravity using gyroscope and acceleration sensors.

Advanced Driving Technology

The scooter uses digital electronic gyroscopes and acceleration sensors to control balance and motion intelligently, depending on the user’s center of gravity. The device also uses an intelligent control system to drive the brushless motors that are located within the wheels. The scooter has a built-in inertia dynamic stabilization system that can help assist with balance when moving forward and backwards, but not while turning.

Setting up the Scooter

To Set Up your Smart Scooter S, you only need to attach the handlebar and the steering column frame

How the Smart Scooter S Works

The Smart Scooter S works like the human body, using technology called dynamic stabilization to maintain its balance and move forward or backward. When walking, if you lean forward, you take a step forward to keep your balance. If you lean back, you step back.

On a Smart Scooter S when you lean forward or back the machine powers the Wheels in the direction that you lean.

When you pivot the Steering Column Frame left, the Smart Scooter S turns left. When you pivot the Steering Column Frame right, the Smart Scooter S turns right.

Remote control

  • A: Lock key. When Smart Scooter S is powered, perss this key to lock the vehicle. You can’t ride when Smart Scooter S is locked.
  • B: Unlock key. After power on, press this key to unlock the vehicle and start riding.
  • C: Alarm key
  • D: Riderless Balance Mode on/off. In Riderless Balance Mode, the Smart Scooter S moves forward, backward and turns in response to how you move the Handlebar. Use Riderless Balance Mode to move the Smart Scooter S over curbs or terrain where it is unsafe or undesirable to ride.


The intelligent battery management system independently controls the working status of every battery cell and ensures safe, stable and efficient performance. Protection board to protect the scooter from explosion, over charge, discharge, short circuit.


Battery type Lithium-ion
Battery voltage 36 V
Battery capacity 4.4 Wh
Motor power 700W (2×350W)
Tire 8″
Maximum Speed Limit 15 km/h
Range 15 — 20 km
Max. Climbing Limit 15°
Turning Radius
Net Weight 13 kg
Load 50 — 120 kg
Power Requirement AC 100-240V/50-60HZ
Base size 590×250×210 mm
Handle size 960×90×340 mm

Your remote control doesn’t work and smart scooter S is locked?

Possible problem: You’ve been pressing power button on the device for too long time (over 5 seconds) and your RC was unlinked from Scooter S.

Recovery steps:

1. Turn off the Smart Scooter S — short press power button on the device.
2. Turn on the Smart Scooter S — short press power button on the device (Display backlight will turn on and off for 1 second).
3. Simultaneously press two central buttons on the remote control (B and C) and hold for 3 seconds.
4. Turn off the Smart Scooter S — short press power button on the device.
5. Turn on the Smart Scooter S — short press power button on the device.
6. Press the unlock button (В) on the remote control. Smart Scooter S is ready to use.