All-in-one screen cleaning spray & microfiber cloth. Made for smartphones, tablet, laptops & desktop screens.

If you’re reading this right now, you have a screen that needs to be cleaned. It needs your loving care because screens don’t clean themselves.

iconBIT cleaning products designed exclusively for cleaning filthy gadget screen. We were never as excited about screen cleaning as we are now.

So what’s the big difference between LASTICK compared to the ordinary microfiber cloth and spray bottle setup? We honestly think there isn’t any difference at all in terms of cleaning performance. But there’s a big difference in the way you use them. Sure you can purchase well known Screen Cleaning Kit, amongst many others. But they all lack what LASTICK brings to the table, which is aesthetically pleasing design that you won’t want to hide away inside a cabinet.

It’s non-toxic and will not harm your skin if you come in contact with it, but it’s still effective enough to properly clean your screen without leaving behind streaking residue. It’s odorless as well in case you were wondering.