Universal smart scooter cart accessory with safety rear wheel

iconBIT KATO 4ALL can provide a fun way to build up your muscles and practice essential motor-skills. Excellent frame with a seat design allow for a fast ride with great control. Safety rear wheel provides perfect safety level.

iconBIT KATO 4ALL can be used with 6.5″ - 10.5″ scooters

Fast and easy to install

It can let your body keep balance and keep it all interesting while driving and allow you to get exciting experience on flat land without falling.

How to use

  • You need to grasp two pull rod, and control the speed through them.
  • If you want to move forward or speed up, please put the pull rod down.
  • If you want to slow down or retreat, please pull the pull rod behind.
  • Operation is the same with people standing on the scooter.