Smart Scooter ECO

The original 6.5 inch scooter is an intuitive, technologically advanced solution that provides the user personal transportation based on dynamic balancing principles calculating the user’s center of gravity using gyroscope and acceleration sensors.

Safety Protection System

  1. Slow down function to zero km, if battery is empty
  2. Speedup function smart control if battery is low
  3. Power button smart control if battery is empty

Autobalance System

Autobalance mode means that the Scooter automatically adjusts itself to help provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible while providing a high level of safety.

Motion and Safety Control

3 x ARM processor system made for more precise Motion and Safety Control seamlessly and interactively integrated.

Powerful Battery Pack

  1. Long life and safe battery pack
  2. Voltage drop, overheat and overcharging protection system


Max. Climbing Angle 15°
Turning Radius
Max. Load 90 kg
Min. Load 50 kg
Tire 6.5″ non-pneumatic hollow tire
Battery Type Lithium-ion (overcharge protection, safety features that prevents overheating and lengthens battery life)
Battery voltage 36 V
Power Requirement AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
Dimensions 604×186×178 mm
Ground Clearance 30 mm
Weight 8.7 kg