Kick Scooter UNICORN rev.2

Smooth and quiet 5″ mini electric kick scooter with assist power system and adjustable handlebar. STRONG Glass Fiber construction with a simple folding latch design.

Introduction to riding operations

  1. Hold the handle with both hands and gently push it forward. When you hear a «drop», the power of scooter is turned on.
  2. Hold the handle with both hands, put one foot on the foot switch, and the other foot pedal back to accelerate. When you hear the «drop» sound, you can put the other foot on the pedal.
  3. If you need to slow down, please use one foot to step on the rear wheel brake. Release the brake plate when speed slow down to the desired speed, the scooter continues to travel at the current speed.
  4. If you need to stop, please use one foot to step on the rear wheel brake plate. After hearing the «drop», continue to step on the brake plate until the car stops, and the foot leaves the pedal to complete the stop.

The following are some of the major factors that will affect the operating range of your kick scooter.

  • Terrain: A smooth, flat surface will increase your driving distance, while driving uphill, as well as rough or uneven terrain will reduce your distance significantly.
  • Weight: The weight of the user can affect driving distance, a lighter user will have further range than a heavier user.
  • Ambient temperature: Please ride and store the kick scooter under recommended temperatures, which will increase driving distance; battery life, and overall performance of your kick scooter.
  • Maintenance: Reasonable battery charging and maintenance will increase the distance.
  • Speed and Driving Style: Maintaining a moderate speed will increase your distance; while travelling at high speeds for extended periods, frequent starts, stops, idling, along with frequent acceleration and deceleration will reduce your overall distance.
  • After new scooter is unpacked, please charge it before using it for the first time.

Extreme Portability

Frame and deck is crafted from high quality STRONG Glass Fiber making it super lightweight yet sturdy. iconBIT KICK SCOOTER UNICORN is the perfect kick scooter for urban commuters. The compact size and easy-fold function mean you can bring it up on public transport conveniently.

Advanced Motor Technology

The 5″ back hub motor is specially developed to be hightorque, high-powered yet lightweight. Acceleration is smooth and silent giving you an enjoyable riding experience.


Max. load 50 kg
Max. speed 6 km/h
Max. climbing angle
Battery Li-ion, 2.0 Ah (44.4Wh)
Power 100 ~ 240 V; 50-60 Hz
Tires 5″
Size 74×36×95 cm
Adjustable handlebar 85/90/95 cm
Weight 4.7 kg

iconBIT Kick Scooter Bag (optional)