We take smartphones in hands in transport, at work, at home and even in bed. Therefore smartphones are breeding grounds for bacteria. Everyday we touch a lot of surfaces with bacteria on it. We hold smartphones in our hands almost around the clock and pathogens easily move to the surface of gadgets. In addition to safe microorganisms, there are bacteria that cause infections of the skin and internal organs, and pathogenic staphylococci on door handles, in gyms, in public showers. These pathogens come in contact with our skin and then on smartphone surface.

Tell STOP to virus!

  1. The Corona can survive 9 days at door handle/elevatorbutton/public place.
  2. The Corona can survive 48 hrs at Air (Aerosol).
  3. The Corona can infect from cloths, shoes, anything touthable outside.

We wash our hands after visiting of public places. Then we touch the contaminated gadgets again. Unfortunately, phone can’t be thrown into the washing machine or washed with soap. It necessary to disinfect your smartphone surface regularly and correctly to protect yourself from dangerous bacteria.

U BOX is Multi-functional UV-C Sterilizing Box. It is intended for use in disinfection of personal gadgets (such as smartphones or earphones), medical masks, gloves etc.

Disinfection and sterilization of multiple objects.

Masks can be reused after disinfection

UV sterilization principle

Ultraviolet C band destroys the DNA of bacteria and viruses by irradiating of microorganisms, making them lose vitality and fecundity, thus acheeving the sterilization effect.

8 min sterilization

Sterilization for 8 minutes, recommended for large items.

Auto turn-off function

It is possible to open lid during sterilization if necessary. Sterilization will stop at lid opening. Please close the lid completely and press touch switch to start sterilizetion again.


Sterilization Time 8 min
Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7 nm
Lifetime 8000 h
Max Power 7 W
Size (outside) 205×120×34.5 мм
Size (inside) 168×89×22 мм
Power Input Micro USB 5V/2A (PSU is not included)
Weight 267 g