Invisible but dangerous and treacherous bacteria and viruses lie in wait in the most unexpected places.

  1. 96% of door mats contain bacteria that are transported to the house on shoes.
  2. The PC mouse is three times dirtier than the toilet seat.
  3. The chance of contracting flu from the sealing gum of the refrigerator door is about 86%.
  4. The office table is home to ~ 20000 bacteria per 6 cm². 400 times more microbes are concentrated in the workplace than in the toilet.

Tell STOP to virus!

  1. The Corona can survive 9 days at door handle/elevatorbutton/public place.
  2. The Corona can survive 48 hrs at Air (Aerosol).
  3. The Corona can infect from cloths, shoes, anything touthable outside.

U LIGHT S is a sterilizer used to suppress the vital activity of viruses and microorganisms. The principle of operation of the device is based on exposure to ultraviolet radiation and ozone. It destroy the DNA of microbes and kill them in this way.

UV-C is a powerful weapon against invisible threat

UV sterilization principle
Ultraviolet C band destroys the DNA of bacteria and viruses by irradiating of microorganisms, making them lose vitality and fecundity, thus acheeving the sterilization effect.

Ozone sterilization principle
Ozone is good for better sterilization and disinfextion. It can disinfect areas blocked out to UVC radioation and can remove formaldehyde from air by dissociation of it to oxigen, water and carbon dyoxide.

Delayed start

iconBIT U LIGHT S turns on few seconds after pressing the power button. Buzzer will sound all this time befor UV lamp will turn on. This allows you to safely place the UV lamp as necessary and leave the room before disinfection process begins.

Flexible adjustment

Due to compact size and lightweight iconBIT U LIGHT S can be placed everywhere you need even on the wall using special 3M hanger.


Power Input Micro USB 5V/1A
Battery capacity 2000 mAh
Housing material Plastic
Sterilization unit UV-C Lamp
Lifetime 8000 h
Size 72×72×120 м
Features disinfection timer 30min
motion sensor
3M wall hanger
Attention! People and animals should not be indoors while the U LIGHT S lamp is on!